It seems that the world got a dose of unwanted heat, as the political stage is afflicted with so many variables floating around. As Donald Trump stepped in as the United States President the world's fragile balance is disappearing in no time. The pressing issue of immigration stirred things up, as the Trump Administration is quite determined to start the construction of a wall along the Mexican border. To give a sample of how bad this is, it`s enough that the Mexican President cancelled next week's meeting with President Donald Trump.

Whether he likes it or not, Trump is globally involved

While campaigning for the Oval Office, one of Trump's biggest promises revolved around focusing on America first. But, it`s easier said than done as the United States is widely involved economically and militarily as well in so many overseas territories. Whether it's NATO, the United Nations, or other trans-national organisations, the US role in the world kept things in a balance, a fragile one, yet functional.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to world peace is the threat of nuclear War. Trump and Putin are definitely the main characters of this piece but other governments may get involved. According to The Telegraph, Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the Soviet Union and Nobel Peace Prize winner warned that the world might be heading to an imminent war.

He knows what it's like to live under the imminent threat of nuclear war.

The world stage might get even hotter

In 2017, there is a chance of huge derailments, especially in Europe. Both France and Germany are waiting for elections, and the United Kingdom is getting ready for Brexit. While nationalism seems to have prevailed in the United States, in Europe it's not there yet.

But populism is on a rise in Germany, France, and other nations. While a united Europe might act as a buffer zone between Russia and the US, a divided one might be a spark for the powder keg. Both WWI and WWII were triggered following disastrous events in Europe.

President Trump will have to handle this carefully, as the world is literally living on the edge. His role is bigger than he might think.