A campaign was launched recently using the hashtag #MASO (muslims are speaking out), by the organization FFEU, led by Russell Simmons and Rabbi Marc Schneier with the intent to counter islamophobia. Often times, we hear from islamophobes that Muslims are not speaking out against extremism nor adding value to society. So here are four Muslims doing great work and strongly speaking out against extremism. Next time you read somewhere how Muslims are not part of what makes "America great", remember the following four:

Mohammad Jamal Deen

The 27-year-old Arab American is a Muslim and part of the Northwest medical rescue team of Illinois.

When he is not busy working in intensive care units in Chicago as an RN, he dedicates his free time to humanitarian causes. Mohammad recently spent 3 months as a medical volunteer in Northern Greece, providing help for victims of the civil war in Syria and refugees in general. He is part of a medical team led by who traveled to Greece to help relief the humanitarian crisis which is afflicting so many refugees. He also helped to raise funds for victims of war in Syria and Yemen via IRUSA (Islamic Relief USA). He is scheduled to appear at the TedeX Paris this coming year.

Halima Aden

19 years old Halima, an American Somali is competing for the title of Miss Minnesota USA showcasing not just her beauty but her values while inspiring girls who feel they do not fit the stereotype of a beauty queen or were never represented in a beauty contest.

She told the Huffington post recently “I could have sat there and I could have waited for a long time to see somebody who was dressed like me or looks like me, but I noticed that’s just not happening”. She will be the first Somali-American to compete for the title, her background has attracted a lot of attention but, she told me " This is my first time but, it has honestly been such a blast, such a crazy roller coaster I think I will take a break for next year".

Josephine Zohny

A publicist based in NYC, Josephine is an American with Italian and Arab roots. Her father an Egyptian Muslim, and her mom a Sicilian catholic. The high energy and hard working publicist dedicates her time and work to human rights, freedom and equality causes. Most recently working on fundraising for organizations such as American Civil Liberties Union, Council on American-Islamic Relations , Lambda Legal , Natural Resources Defense Council, Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law Center.

PS: She loves Christmas, to the terror of islamophobes.

Tito Abassi

With a personality reminiscent of 007, Tito leads a security organization in Dubai and is a Middle East and Africa security and counter-terrorism expert working with embassies and government. He is entrusted with the personal security of prolific heads of states and international personalities visiting the gulf, often working alongside Americans. The Italian-Arab Muslim loves animals and has a husky name "Akira" , which means intelligent in Japanese. Worth to remember also, the UAE has been a long time ally of the United States in its fight against terrorism.