Tim Farron MP, the leader of the Liberal Democrats party is the first party political leader to publicly call for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational users.

“The War on Drugs is Over”

Following the example set by a growing number of States in America, the recreational use of cannabis is following on from the successful legalization of cannabis for medical use.

New findings suggest the link between the use of marijuana and mental illness may not be as prevalent as first thought.

Take for example a recent study published in the JAMA Psychiatry Journal by Dr.

Mark Olfson of the Columbia University Medical Centre and New York State’s Psychiatric Institute, which found that rather than causing mental illnesses, marijuana users were more likely to drink more Alcohol rather than develop mood or anxiety disorders.

Its good for the Economy too

Taking the money away from the Black Markets and putting it into the hands of the Treasury, the legalization of cannabis can play a major role in reducing the national debt.

According to the CIBC World Markets, Canada already benefits from a whooping $5 Billion a year injection of cash in tax revenues from the legal sale of marijuana.

Looking at the bigger picture, the legalization of cannabis can make a massive and positive impact on society.

Freeing the police to concentrate on serious crimes other than the possession and supply of a naturally grown plant, revolutions are possible in the field of medicine and industry.

Run from the Cure

According to Rick Simpson, cannabis cures Cancer and the legalization of cannabis will free sufferers of many ailments to treat themselves without having to reply on a profit driven pharmaceutical industry to supply drugs with harmful side effects.

With a thousand and one uses, (fuel, rope, paper, clothing, paint, oil, ink) even the Hemp plant can be used to make a wealth of products which can revolutionize industry in the same manner it can revolutionize medicine and society.

All the indications now point to the inevitability of the legalization of cannabis. The scaremongering of the dangers of cannabis use has been proved wrong by any professional body who looks into the issue.

The financial benefit to the economy is undeniable and the argument against recreational cannabis use is being lost. People have used cannabis both recreationally and as a medicine for millennium. The prohibition of cannabis will surely be consigned to the history books, just as the prohibition of alcohol has been.