If your kid(s) are anything like mine, this whole scary clown thing has got way out of hand, causing at best; sleepless nights, constant craving for reassurance, and fear of going out at night.

With theHalloween fast approaching, what for us as a family would traditionally be a timefor pumpkin carving, hanging up ghoulish decorations, planning the trick or treat costume, has now turned very sour, for no other reason that the sheer terror felt as a direct consequence of the media fuelled killer clown stories.

My youngest son has had accessto readingnewspapers at his Primary school, detailing terrifying clown 'attacks',which have in my opinion sensationalised this entire fad, purely to sell their publication.

The results extending far wider than that unfortunately. Unfortunately discussion with his peers on reading these stories, and seeing news items on the television at home, has resulted in what to me is utterly ludicrous and irrational behaviour, with my son planning to remain at home on Halloween, as despite being at school in broad daylight, he is convinced, along with his classmates, and their inflated imaginations, that the clowns are plotting to access the school grounds, by climbing over the high fences on ladders!


So, with all this clown hysteria likely to have peed on my Halloween parade, and that of many other parents, what steps can we take to try and dilute the frenzy, and re-align what for many families, should be, and can still be a wholesome, fun, family event?

I'm giving this a go:

  • Try and make clowns fun - remind them of the funny, comedic characters they see at the Circus
  • Find positive newspaper or television stories dispelling the fears
  • Be positive and continue to decorate the house and plan as usual
  • Explore your child's fears - help them rationalise and make sense of them
  • Reassure them that they are safe in their homes and at school (speak with the school Headteacher if that might help?)
  • Chaperone your Childrenchildren out in public until after Halloween (remember the evening are getting darker much earlier)
  • Whatever you do don't stop enjoyingyour traditional Halloween plans. If you do these idiots win!

I know these suggestions are easier said than done, however I've really over-done the positivity in our household, I've challenged my son to go to the front door when the doorbell rings, with me standing close-by, that way, he thinks he's being brave and sticking two fingers up to the clowns!

Happy Halloween folks!