Probably any pregnant woman hopes for quick, easy delivery, but few have experienced one quite like this. Jessica Stubbins of Scunthorpe had a feeling that things were happening quickly when she got her husband, Tom, to rush her to the hospital. What was amazing was that while Tom was parking the car, the pregnant woman gave birth to daughter Lucy in the hospital entrance in less than a minute.In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Jessica said she could feel her baby coming and that she literally popped out, just like a champagne cork in the hospital entrance.

Saying she was amazed, Jessica said it was just one push and gravity took over.

Woman gives birth in the hospital entrance

The couple was recently interviewed by Ben Shepherd on Good Morning Britain. Jessica said she told her husband he had better drop her off at the door while he went to park the car.On arriving at the hospital late at night, she said as she closed the car’s door, Jessica already knew her baby daughter was well on the way. As she reached the entrance to the hospital, Jessica literally bent over, and out popped baby Lucy.As for husband Tom, he was as shocked and surprised as Jessica was and he said his wife felt guilty he had missed the birth. He was only about one hundred feet away from the hospital door at the time and he still missed seeing it happen.

Dad finally gets to see the birth of his daughter

What really amazed Tom was the fact that he finally did see the birth, as the CCTV footage was shown to him during the show. Jessica can be seen bending over as Lucy is born into her stretch pants. She then reaches in to pick up her baby. Readers can see that moment in the video included below.The father-of-two was amazed at seeing the footage for the first time and said that as he walked up, she said, “It’s a girl,’ and kept apologizing because he had missed the whole experience.Soon after it happened, two nurses came along.

One of the nurses, Gemma Hoeft, was on a break and was heading to her car when it happened. She wrapped the baby in her jacket, while the other ran off to get the midwife.It turns out Jessica had visited the hospital earlier in the day, convinced her baby was about to be born. However like many pregnant women, she was sent home, with hospital staff not sure she was ready to give birth. Little did the staff realize she would be back all too soon.