GreatBritain is facingits biggestnightmare to date with the terrifying story of the UK's youngest whistle blowers, childrenP andQ.Having clocked up over 4million views, ChildrenP andQ became over-night sensations in 2014, when they appeared in a number of youtube videos chronicling their personal experiences of being members of a satanic cult based in the leafy and expensive borough of Hampstead Heath in London.

Deemed a hoax by JudgeJustice Pauffley and having their statements retracted after being interviewed by Police, the mother of children P and Q,EllaDraper has been crucified in both the mainstream and alternative media as evil, accused of coaching the children alongside her boyfriend Abraham Christie, to discredit the father of the children, actor Ricky Dearman as a satanic cult leader.

While millions have sighed a huge sigh of relief that what is said to have happened in Hampstead Heath is all make believe, millions more believe the children and view their story as vindication that the British establishmentis run by Satanists and that the great and good of society are in fact monstrous and evil murderers behind closed doors.

More questions than answers

With the children in the hands of social services and the mother of the children hounded as an evilmanipulative woman, Ricky Dearman has come out of the scandal with his reputation unscathed.Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News, Ricky Dearman has since been accused of creating numerous YouTube accounts, in which he pretends to be other people to discredit the hundreds of videos which support the children.

Without a proper police investigation into the horrific claims made by the children, doubts will remain over whether the children were speaking the truth or lying. One thing is for sure; if the children are telling the truth, it would plunge Britain into its worse nightmare since the start of the Second WorldWar.

The inconvenient truth

Whether the country wants to address the horror or simply bury their heads in the sand, the inconvenient truth implies that the British Establishment is in fact a Free-masonic club of psychotic paedophile murders, in which the entire House of Commons, the judiciary, police and Royalty are nothing more than the managers of a vast organization, tasked with maintaining the status quo and the worship of Lucifer for their own evil and nefarious ends.

Alternatively, two young children, under the guidance of their mother and their mother's boyfriend, have pulled off the most despicable and horrific hoax ever to be perpetrated in the 21st century.

Only time will tell and once the truth is revealed once and for all, nothing will be the same again.