It's been over three years since Prime Minister David Cameron was handed a list of suspected paedophile parliamentarians by TV presenter Philip Schofield live on the This Morning show.

Over three years on nothing has happened.

While the PM shrugged it of by warning of the danger of turning it into a “Gay Witch hunt,” the truth remains that over the years a frightening number of parliamentarians have been ousted as paedophiles and a further number have been accused of sexual assault.

Harking back to the memory of Cyril Smith, Peter Morrison, Lord Janner and Edward Heath who roamed the corridors of Westminster, Patrick Rock, David Cameron’s close friend and deputy director of 10 Downing Street’s Policy Unit, was recently arrested for possession of child pornography in 2014.

David Cameron is evidently more involved with child-abuse coverup than the public are lead to believe. Keeping in mind the Prime Minister kept quiet about Patrick Rock’s arrest and resignation a full three weeks before it became public knowledge, and that he swiftly conducted a mini reshuffle moving William Hague and Kenneth Clarke out of his Cabinet, following serious allegations of their involvement in child-abuse; reveals a disturbing picture which no one is willing to address.

Last year child-actor and journalist Ben Fellows was acquitted of perverting the course of justice and making false allegations against then Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke that he sexually assaulted him in a Westminster office.

By Law it's been proved Ben Fellows wasn't lying when he said Kenneth Clarke groped his privates, thus it can only be concluded that Kenneth Clarke did in fact grope his privates.

During the infamous 'This Morning ambush' David Cameron assured the viewers that “If there’s anything more to look at it must be looked at. Really, there must be no stone unturned in these matters.”

Three years on we now know that no stone has been turned and that’s the problem.