Chris Spivey, Britain's most controversial writer has been saved by his fan base, allowing him to continue writing his articles and hosting his £300 a month website.

Branded an 'Internet Troll' by the Fleet Street newspapers, Chris Spivey hit the headlines in 2015 when he was found guilt of harassing the grieving family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

With the third year anniversary of Lee Rigby's murder featured heavily in the news, Chris Spivey wrote a damning article in 2013 called 'The Drummer Man' in which he contended that Lee Rigby was a fictional character made up by the secret services, that Lee Rigby's family were false flag actors and that the whole incident of Lee Rugby's murder was a false flag event in which nothing presented to the public was real.

Found guilty of harassing Lee Rigby's family in a two-day trial at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court in 2015, Spivey maintains his innocence pointing out that no members of Lee Rigby's family attended court to face his allegations and that no member of Lee Rigby's family even signed the witness statements which were used in court as part of his prosecution.

"Alter the course of history"

Boasting a readership in it's millions, Spivey appealed to the public for funds to pay the arrears of his rent amounting to £936.67 and the £300 a month charge for his website.

“Donate or don’t, it is up to you… If you do, I will continue to show these monsters up for the criminals they are. If you don’t the site will fold,” he wrote in his article 'Get the picture.'

Making a mockery of the mainstream media's contention that he's a vicious internet troll, and trolled himself by LBC radio presenter Steve Allen who called him a “nasty piece of work,” before urging his listeners to throw bricks at him; Spivey updated his readership that “there has been more financial support come in this week than has ever come in before in the 4 years that I have been doing this soul destroying shit…”

With the tide turning, the term 'Conspiracy Theorist' is becoming less and less toxic, following the confirmation that there was a conspiracy to cover up the Hillsborough disaster by South Yorkshire police, that David Cameron was “knee-deep in conspiracy,” conspiring with big business to stay in Europe, and most damning of all, that there is a Establishment wide conspiracy to cover up Satanic abuse and murder in Hampstead Heath.

Meanwhile the legendary conspiracy theorist David Icke has recently appeared on Andrew Neil's This Week politics show, about to launch his new book and embark on a sell out world tour, maintaining that the Royal Family are “shape-shifting lizards.”

Whether man stood on the moon, if it was Jacqueline Kennedy who really shoot her husband in the head, to the contention that Princess Diana never really died in a Paris tunnel and in fact never even existed, the truth is that the truth industry is big business and more and more people are turning away from the truth presented on the TV, in favour of the truth presented in obscure websites and Alternative View (AV) conferences.

As Spivey said on his website in thanks to his loyal readers, “Believe me, this website –me, the gang and yous lot– are going to alter the course of history regardless of whether I am here to savour the moment or not.”

The truth is out there, but its just a matter of what truth to believe in.