David Cameron has presided over 5 years of austerity and welfare cuts and now it seems we will be facing another five years of cuts to benefits which hit those who depend on state handouts hard.  Meanwhile in a story reported by the UK's 'Daily Mirror' newspaper criminals and terrorists who have been booted out of the UK for alleged criminality or terrorism are receiving benefits possibly back dated who no longer reside here in the UK.

Iain Duncan Smiths Department for Work and Pensions has stated that undesirables who were removed from the UK because their activities were criminal in nature or possibly terrorist have received money but could not put a figure on exactly how much.

Benefits in the UK are a controversial subject where taxpayers resent  having their money used to pay people on benefits who they deem as scroungers and admittedly this may be true in some respects but not all. No doubt about it on hearing this news British taxpayers will be further enraged if there is any substance to these stories of foreigners being paid money by the state when they no longer live here especially people like Abu Qatada.

It seems this Government are quite happy to hammer the ordinary people of this country with benefit and austerity cuts and yet when it comes to things abroad they are quite happy to hand out money to places and people abroad.

The government talks of saving money cutting the defecit shaving off not only money from welfare but from the police and the armed services which will enforce the belief amongst British people this government is not on their side.

On BBC's ''Question Time' Conservative panel members are always in the frame for angry audience members regarding cutbacks whether it be to welfare or services so it is highly probable a question will come up about this latest news and certainly the Labour party do not escape blame either for past misdemeanours.    Certainly Iain Duncan Smith and the Depatment of Work and Pensions have a clear question to answer here