When a dance show judge announces that he is not there tojudge their dance, it’s obviously going to attract eyeballs. What Chetan Bhagatattracted on the premiere episode of Nach Baliye was the same as the tagline ofthe show, “Too much”.  

Whoever watched the first episode of Nach Baliye season 7 isstill trying to figure out Mr. Bhagat’s judging profile. Post the episode aired on Star Plus, socialmedia, especially Twitter, was flooded by prickly comments on this best-sellingwriter’s judging style. So while he judged or misjudged the acts in the firstepisode, the Twitter world was judging his judgments.

With this season of the dance reality show, Ekta Kapoor enters the reality show scene and thus the show promises to be at an explosivelevel as far as the drama quotient is concerned. On the judging panel Chetan Bhagatis accompanied by Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta who is replacing Shilpa ShettyKundra who judged the previous season. Choreographer Marzi Pestonji isreplacing Terence Lewis.While Chetan Bhagat is trying his best to scare allcontestants by becoming an Indian version of Simon Cowell, Preity Zinta islooking fabulous and Marzi is chirpy as always. The problem is Simon Cowell isa reputed producer and when he shouts on a contestant on American Idol, itsomehow makes sense, but a writer giving his opinion on everything other than danceon a dance show becomes indigestible to the core.

The contestants include Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna (UPMA)who are also known as the Bigg Boss couple since they found each other on thepopular reality show “Bigg Boss,” Wrestler Sangram Singh and his fiance PayalRohatgi a Bollywood actress, and actresses Smilie Suri and Sana Saeed along withtheir respective partners.

Chetan Bhagat, an acclaimed writer who has no specialknowledge about dancing as a judge is not the only twist of Nach Baliye 7,there’s more.

This season male and female contestants will be living in separatehouses where they will have to perform tasks every week to survive in the danceshowdown. Apparently because of these elements the crux of the show, whichis the talent of dancing, seems to be getting lost somewhere.

Hopefully as the season progresses we will see more danceand less drama!