The recent uproar in Animal Rights communities is about Einstein's Pain Wave Theory and its relationship to Nepal's earthquake. The theory has caused a split in these communities over if such theory really exists and if it really does, it could change our understanding of our food choices and its effects. Here is a quick run over facts and various aspects of an argument.

Gadhimai Festival in Nepal

Gadhimai is a one of the biggest sacrificial rituals in the world, occurring once in every five years. Over 500,000 Animals, including goats, pigs, buffaloes and chickens, are slaughtered in the name of religion.

The festival has been a controversial issue and thousands of animal rights activists have opposed the ritual, but despite such grave opposition, it took place in November 2014.

Pain wave theory (and how it got glued to prefix-Einstein)

The Einstein's Pain Wave Theory was first adapted/acknowledged by an Indian author Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj in his book 'A New Approach'. The book claims that the slaughtering of innocent animals and their cries before death are responsible for Earthquakes. The book asserts that dying animals create 'Acoustic Anisotropy' causing anisotropic stress leading to the movement of tectonic plates. Now how Einstein appeared in this? In fact, the book actually reinstates Einstein's obscure theories such as Einstein's Box or Twin Paradox in a totally different way.

The adaptation of these theories to this new Ideology has received a lot of critiques. Many critiques have termed it as a 'Convoluted Logic' to refute it. But, science has its own angularities; there's been no counterargument so far to disprove the myth (?).

Do we need a shift in our outlook?

With the evidence coming from one study after another, scientists are certain about recent quakes in US are man-made.

Excessive drilling by oil and mining industry has caused disruption in rock plates resulting in earthquakes. The American Petroleum Institute is now conducting a research over mining and its effects on tectonic plates. So what about animals? Well, each year we take the lives of billions of animals only to gain weight followed by countless ailments.

A quick Google shows how non-vegetarianism is linked with global warming, cardiac attacks and various forms of pollution. The every day growing stride of veganism just attests this very fact. No doubt, the Pain Wave Theory is much in action; we just need to look at in a different way.