Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Jamie Oliver is being hailed as a hero by his north London neighbours after chasing down a burglar and pinning him to the ground. The 43-year-old caught the robber attempting to break into his home.

Oliver confronted the “aggressive” thief, pinning him down to the ground, while his neighbours dialled 999. One neighbour described Oliver’s actions as brave and selfless, saying they were all thankful for his courage and quick thinking. Meanwhile, Jamie has been busy making a deal with Tesco.

Oliver acts as a selfless hero

As reported by the Mirror Online, the incident happened last Tuesday, when Jamie Oliver spotted a thief attempting to rob his home in Highgate, London. After spotting him, Oliver chased him down, pinning him to the ground until the police arrived.

Neighbours hailed his actions as heroic, saying that once the police arrived, Jamie was joking and laughing with the officers. According to one neighbour, Oliver told police they had done a great job in arriving on the scene so quickly.

Jamie is said to have been at home with his wife Jools, and their children, 16-year-old Poppy, 15-year-old Daisy, nine-year-old Petal, seven-year-old Buddy and two-year-old River, when the incident happened.

The Mirror quotes a source as saying Oliver was alerted to the situation when there was a loud commotion emanating from his neighbour’s home. When he went to investigate, he found the burglar himself, attempting to smash into his own house.

The source said Oliver went mad, sprinting down the street after the burglar and eventually catching up to him, pinning him to the ground.

Scotland Yard confirm incident

According to a statement by a Scotland Yard spokesman, police were called to the scene of a potential burglary by an aggressive male at 7:13 PM on 4 September. As reported by Birmingham Live, the statement said that the burglar was tackled by members of the public and subsequently arrested by the police.

The suspect was then taken to a police station in north London, where he currently remains while Central North Command officers investigate the incident.

Other news relating to Jamie Oliver

When Oliver is not busy chasing down burglars, he is out and about promoting his company’s food products. The BBC reports that Jamie has teamed up with Tesco, offering a range of recipes and tips for the supermarket chain, including “healthier” recipes made from scratch.

Oliver made a similar, 11-year-deal with Tesco’s rival chain Sainsbury, which came to a close in 2011. It is not reported what Jamie’s fee will be for the Tesco deal, but Jamie earned around £10 million while dealing with Sainsbury.