The incident happened at around 2 PM on Friday, when a man, posing as a plumber, knocked on the 83-year-old widow’s door. He said he was there to investigate a leak. The elderly widow let the man come in and he entered her kitchen and a bedroom before leaving her home.

After the man left, the elderly lady found that her husband’s ashes and some jewellery and other items had gone missing from her Greenwich home in Annandale Road in southeast London. Police believe a second man entered her home while she was distracted by the man posing as a plumber.

‘Harrowing crime’ has devastated the widow

As reported by the BBC, London Metropolitan Police released an image of a heart-shaped box, similar to that stolen from the widow and containing her husband’s ashes.

They also released a photo of an oval-shaped silver locket, also containing her late husband’s ashes. They have also released surveillance camera images of two men, believed to be the suspects in the burglary.

They are asking the public to contact them if they can identify the two men.

As reported by Sky News, the widow later discovered that the thieves had taken other jewellery, including a wedding ring, a silver band containing a blue sapphire and three gold chains.

They also stole a bank card, £50 in cash and vouchers for Debenhams and Marks and Spencers.

Items stolen from the widow are ‘irreplaceable’

Detective constable Robert Costigan of the Metropolitan Police said in a statement that the crime was “particularly harrowing” as the two men had targeted a vulnerable person. He said the items that had been stolen were “irreplaceable,” leading to the crime having a “devastating effect” on the widow.

Costigan went on to ask anyone with information relating to the identity of the men, or about the theft itself, to please contact the police.

Recent crime in London

As was recently reported, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was also targeted by a burglar in his north London home recently. Oliver heard a commotion coming from his neighbour’s Highgate home. When he went outside to investigate the noise, he caught a burglar trying to smash his way into his own house, while his wife and five children were at home.

Oliver took off after the burglar and tackled him, pinning him to the ground. Neighbours went to his assistance, as they kept the thief pinned down until the Metropolitan Police arrived to arrest him. Neighbours called him a “hero” for his swift action against the thief.