Protesters against the recent Baby Trump balloon launched to protest US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK are out to take revenge over Sadiq Khan allowing it to fly over London. After launching a crowdfunding campaign, which has netted over £58,000, a similar, 29ft blimp in the form of the London mayor wearing a yellow bikini and hairy legs has been prepared.

Reportedly the Sadiq Khan blimp will be flown over Parliament Square on Saturday, 1 September, from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The blimp is part of an ongoing campaign to remove the London mayor from his post.

Crowdfunder page for Sadiq Khan blimp

The Crowdfunder page for the Khan blimp was set up by Yanny Bruere. On the page Bruere wrote that as the Baby Trump balloon had been allowed to fly over the city during Trump’s visit to the UK, why not buy a Khan balloon to see if alleged free speech really does apply to everyone. He also wondered if Khan would approve this.

The caption on the page went on to say that London crime had skyrocketed under Sadiq Khan to “unprecedented levels", saying people in the city no longer feel safe.

He said they are not safe, as there had been 81 murders this year.

Bruere also mentioned that any extra money raised by the Crowdfunder would be used towards continuing the campaign to remove Khan from his office and to defend free speech, which he said is “constantly under attack.” The statement ended with the words, “Khan Out.”

Approval granted for the Sadiq Khan blimp

While Bruere believes free speech is under attack, the Independent quotes the mayor’s spokeswoman as saying that the “city operations” team at the City Hall had spoken with the organisers for the Khan blimp protest and had given permission for the use of the Parliament Square Garden for its launch.

The spokeswoman continued by saying City Hall is also working closely with the London Metropolitan Police and other key agencies so the protest can be carried out safely and securely.

As for Mayor Khan himself, he showed his sense of humour over the blimp. In a statement to Business Insider, Khan said that if people wish to spend Saturday looking at him wearing a yellow bikini, they are welcome to do this, adding that he doesn’t really think yellow is his colour.

Khan’s comment about the blimp comes at a time when Nigel Farage – the former UKIP leader and a firm Trump supporter – has indicated he may stand against Khan in the run for the next London mayor. According to Farage, his supporters are urging him to stand against Khan for the job.