Kate Middleton, the Duchess Of Cambridge, is out of hospital after delivering her third baby two days ago. The British media outlets have been freaking out about trying to get the press coverage, and some are saying that this has forced her to look “amazing” alongside her husband Prince William, even though she just gave birth. Mums who aren’t royalty and aren’t followed around by the press and aren’t constantly in the public eye and are just regular people have responded to this in different ways, with many feeling sorry for her.

Kate and William emerged from St.

Mary’s Hospital a day after the birth, and Kate was cradling the child and looked glowing and perfectly fine and was dressed in her finest clothing. Some social media users have said that this hurried recovery from childbirth is a result of the “unnecessary pressure” that has been put on her by the constant “media attention” that she and her newborn baby have been receiving. One social media user said that Kate looks “amazing,” while most women look like “a sack of spuds” post-birth.

Some have accused Kate’s appearance of making other mothers ‘feel alone’

However, some have said that as a royal, the responsibility is on Kate to accurately represent “the realities of childbirth and motherhood,” so that other mothers feel secure and confident and not alone.

One user even posted a picture of a bruised, heavily sweating, defeated Rocky Balboa to contrast how the Duchess of Cambridge looked after giving birth and how they themselves looked after giving birth.