Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced the guest list from their wedding, and there are some surprising omissions. Since the wedding’s venue only seats 800 people and Harry is only fifth in line for the throne, the couple have decided to only invite close personal friends and do not have an “official list” of all the politicians and world leaders who they intend to invite. Still, Harry is personally friends with former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, and they’re not invited.

Harry and Obama go to basketball games together.

Obama chose Harry to conduct his first official interview after leaving the Oval Office, and Harry isn’t even inviting him to his wedding! There are no political figures invited to the wedding at all, so sitting US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May aren’t on the guest list either.

This contrasts with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding

When Prince William and Kate Middleton, they invited then-Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife along with a bunch of other world leaders and foreign diplomats. But that was a much larger event in a much larger venue, so there was room for them. Harry and Meghan seem to be going for something different. How many actors from “Suits” will be there, though?