This morning the Uk is once again embroiled in the aftermath of another shocking Terrorist Attack. At around 10.00 p.m last night a white van mounted the pavement on London Bridge, hitting pedestrians before three men got out and began stabbing people at Borough Market.

Six people believed to have died

At this time it would appear that six people have been killed and 48 are injured with some in critical condition. All victims have been taken to five nearby hospitals for treatment. One of those victims was a British Transport Police officer who was responding to the incident.

It is believed he was stabbed in the face. He is said to be seriously injured however he is not believed to be in a life threatening way.

Pictures have emerged from the scene taken by a member of the public that show one of the terrorists who was shot Dead, wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, however since then the police have released a statement which says these were "hoax", as of yet we do not know if they posed any danger at all.

Suspects shot dead by police

Reports say that one terrorist tried to enter a bar, however customers of the bar threw glasses, chairs and tables at him as he stabbed a girl repeatedly and viciously. Police responded to the initial call, and reports say that eight minutes after that call the three suspects were all dead, shot by police.

More than 80 medics were called to the scene and armed police were arriving for many hours after. Those armed police also were seen helping the victims.

Reports coming from London this morning mention police carrying out "controlled explosions", however at this time there is no confirmation of these and what these would have been for.

However, the metropolitan police should be updating the public as and when they can on the situation as all the facts come in.

There are also reports of a third incident in Vauxhall. This was also a stabbing, however, currently this is not believed to be in connection to this incident.

Prime minister to call Cobra meeting.

Reports coming from Westminister in the early hours of the morning said that current prime minister Teresa May was set to call a meeting this morning with the Cobra Emergency Committee, to discuss the event and the investigation, with the mayor of london hinting to sky news that more information would be released to public after this meeting.

Westminister have also confirmed this morning that Teresa May and the conservative party would suspend all National election campaigning, that may mean that some local campaigning may still go on, however big rallies and gatherings would be cancelled. The other parties in government have yet to released a statement as to their intent, however it is believed they will follow suit as they did in the wake of the Manchester attacks. This comes just four days before the general election in the UK, which may see a new Prime minister taking over from Teresa May.

The Joint Terrorist Analysis Center (JTAC) have kept the threat levels for terrorism from international threats to Severe, which they have been at since manchester bombing incident 2 weeks ago.

This attack marks 3rd in 3 months in the UK.

The first attack came on the 22nd of March on westminster bridge, which left five people dead, in an eerily similar attack to tonight, as after the 52 year old briton Khalid Masood drove his car onto the pavement on the bridge he then left his car and proceeded with a knife towards westminster. the second attack would come in Manchester just two months later on 22nd May when a 22 year old British Muslim called Salman Ramadan Abedi, would detonate a shrapnel ladened explosive device, killing himself and 22 others, and injuring 116 people, at an Ariana Grande concert.

Ariana Grande is supposed to be attending a concert tonight (one love) in honour of those victims of the Manchester Bombing, with a host of other celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Usher, Coldplay, Take That and Justin Beiber.

showing up as well. This event is said to still be going ahead as planned.

Police are asking people to stay away from the affected areas, however they do say they believe all the people involved have been caught, however they are still conducting inquiries, and a full investigation to ascertain if anyone else is involved or had knowledge of the impending attacks. The Police and MI5 have both set up requests for pictures from the incident, and hotlines for those with families involved.

As more information is released, we expect more to become clearer from this event.