Movember began in 2003 as an idea between two Australian friends to bring the moustache back into fashion. It has now expanded into a worldwide annual event that sees men grow moustaches and beards every November to raise money and awareness for various mens health charities.

The craze can bring some fun into a somewhat cold and depressing month, but only for those that are capable of growing facial hair.

If, like me, your face fluff grows slower than an asthmatic snail, or if it grows in patches, then here's five tips to help you fit in with the boys in November.

1. Start growing in September

As they say, the early bird catches the worm.I know of some people (freaks) that can grow a full-face beard in a week. This is not the case for all of us. If you start the process in September, it gives you plenty of time to begin the tache-growing process and you should have a nice head-start among all your manlier friends.

2. Hair graft

Obviously the first tip isn’t a great one to usethis year seeing as it is November already, so if you can’t wait another year to get stuck in, then the simple hair graft solution will do the trick. As men, we have hair coming out of pretty much every part of our body, some of which gets shaved off and goes to waste. Well, November is your perfect chance to put that wasted hair to use.

Grab some PVA glue, hair of your choice from wherever on your body, stick it on your upper lip and voila, you’re sorted.

3. Fake moustache

This one is the easiest solution of the lot. You can buy a pack of fake moustaches from Amazon for about £1 which not only means you can fit in with the beardos and hipsters but also means you can use a different style every single day.

You will have all your friends wondering how on earth you are capable of such facial wizardry, as well as a lot more female attention.

4. Draw it on

If you’re feeling a little artistic, get yourself in front of a mirror with a pen and draw your moustache on. As if anybody is going to realise the difference – girls draw on their eyebrows all the time!

I would personally recommend using a sharpie, they are the best for drawing on facial hair. The best thing about this is that you can do absolutely any style that you want, so go out and have fun with it.

5. Give up

If none of the above are working, then perhaps it is time to pack it in. Maybe themoustache life just isn’t for you.

In all seriousness, donating to Prostate Cancer UK is all you need to do. Although the moustache creates a talking point for you to raise awareness about men's health, you can also do your bit with a clean shave.

Each year, over 42,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and on average, 13 men take their own lives a day, with suicide rates increasing by the year. Let's raise awareness and stop this from happening!