A woman was run over by a car while playing Pokémon go in the company of her friends. She ended up in the hospital where she was given medical attention to treat her and save her baby. After being taken to the hospital and becoming aware of where she was, she entered into a state of hysteria not knowing the whereabouts of her baby. She was told that her baby had been saved. She ended up with several cuts in the face, bruises and the marks of the vehicle´s tires on her body.

The incident due to Pokémon go

The woman who´s 18 years old was out on a session playing the game in the company of her boyfriend, sister and a friend when a van passed hurriedly by them.

After being asked what his problem was, the driver drove in reverse running over the woman and setting her unconscious. She was taken to the hospital and given emergency C section, which saved her baby. After having given pertinent medical treatment she and her baby are expected to be fine.


Events in which the safety of people are put at risk are becoming very common these days. Two teenagers were shot by a man that suspected them as robbers when they parked in hid house´s driveway chasing Pokémon creatures; fortunately, none of them were injured. In Toledo Ohio, two people were arrested from trespassing the premises of the Toledo Zoo. Some other people have been prohibited to play in some places, including synagogues and churches.

Why is the game so addictive?

Based on psychology, the game has become so addictive due that it´s not real nor virtual, but a combination of bot, ¨augmented reality, ¨ where the real and unreal world meet. While the player and settings of this game are real, the characters that he/she is chasing are not, but are Pokémon figures that appear in a real setting that´s displayed in the camera.

The fact that the figures do not exist, but only come to exist when the camera is on is what makes this game so attractive.

Pokémon go is an augmented reality app game that was launched early on July 2016. To date, Pokémon go has become the biggest played game in history, surpassing candy crush. It has also become the most played game in the US history.

The game is played on Android, iPhone and any other compatible devices and is free for download in Google play and Apple´s App Store