Did you know that pets have super powers? Well illustrated by several scientific studies that prove that your company reduces stress, decreases the likelihood of getting a cardiovascular disease and improves self-esteem of the owners.

Scientific studies show that having a pet fills the lives of owners and help them be healthier.

  • Another family member

This is a scenario that exists in many homes in the UK and, according to several studies, the adoption of a pet within a family creates an emotional space, making it a strong family element that makes the company and monitorsmaking definitely a happier person.

  • The best choice there home

What is the best animal to take home? That is a question with a difficult answer. It is one that makes sense to the family / individual, of course respecting the specific needs and animal welfare conditions and the whole family that welcomes. It is sensible that, when choosing this option is not merely emotional and evaluate also appropriate and dignified conditions for adoption of the animal. Whether physical or even more related to lifestyle and family economic capacity.

  • More than company

It is certain that the benefits of having a pet are felt throughout the family, though, children and older people can benefit more intensely, being in phases which are best suited to the care of animals.

First, because they are to grow and explore the world and experience with Animals forms of relationships, share joys, sorrows, fears and thoughts, enjoy the opportunity to play.

The second, because they may have more time available, greater tolerance, greater ability to give and receive affection of these faithful friends and companions, so important in moments of loneliness or difficult times.

But after all that benefits are these? For example, the owners of animals, whatever they are, have better cholesterol levels, lower risk of, suffering from hypertension and a lower rate of cardiovascular disease.

  • Why should embrace your pet

No, do not think that these results are only associated with walks with the dogs. It is a reason, but is far from the only one.

In a study with only cat owners, for example, it has been found that those have 40% less chances to come to have a heart attack. The researchers stress that the mere fact that embrace the pet protects the heart as it lowers stress levels and stimulates the brain to release the calming hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, prolactin and oxytocin, known as hormone of love.

And this happens with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, although the reduction of stress and the feeling of calm is also felt when observing the birds and even fish in an aquarium.

  • Emotional support

Pet owners are more extroverted, more aware of what is happening around them, have a higher self-esteem and that animals are a good opener conversations with strangers. In addition, animals can also be a powerful weapon against depression because they provide social and emotional support to their owners.