Probablywe do not know, but there are many foods whose nutritional properties are absolutely essential for our body. Among other things, and it should be stressed, there are even more than 30 who do not have and cannot miss on our table. In this sense, a great number of tips tells how to prepare these foods in many tasty recipes and above all very original. On the other hand, following a varied and equilbrata diet, you can prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic disorders, heart disease and even those neuro-degenerative, whereas the food, in this respect, plays an absolute role importance.

The list of these foods has been drafted taking account of nutrigenomics, or the Science that combines genomics to nutrition.

Food longevity

Here are the foods that increase longevity. There are several of them that contain a lot of useful substances for our health; such as capsaicin (found in peperoncino and paprika), curcumin, the epigallocatechingallato (present in green tea and the black one), without of course neglecting Resveratrol (contained in grapes), quercetin present in large quantities in asparagus, capers, dark chocolate, onions and lettuce. A major role is represented by other typical foods of the Mediterranean diet, such as extra virgin olive oil, garlic, herbs, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables do not last.

The diet has two phases: the first one is a self-assessment of their general condition, weighing the food test. The second one helps to put into practice the proposed eating patterns, in the recommended portions. The weight is kept under control in a healthy way and without fear. No food is excluded, even bread and pasta. But it will instead be consumed with intelligence, emphasizing plant foods and protein, not only animals.

What are Smart Foods?

Real stars are a series of foods that we find in the life of every day, from persimmons to purple potatoes, oilseeds dark chocolate. Some of these are friends of a long life, because they contain molecules that have been shown to activate longevity genes. Others have a protective action and they are in fact able to counteract some chronic diseases, or obesity. In short, longevity goes above the board and these foods can really give us a big hand.