Among the many foods known for fighting the most feared disease of the century, we find those rich in plant compounds resveratrol or seanol. These natural chemicals have the amazing ability to destroy cancer cells' unique metabolism, without harming any healthy tissue. The richest sources of resveratrol are green tea, grapefruit, grapes and blueberries. 

To this list, researchers have recently added a vegetable of Asian origins, very popular in Japan: the bitter melon. Some people believe this could be the reason why the residents of Okinawa, from where the vegetable originates, live longer, healthier lives than just about anyone else. 

When diluted to 5% in water, bitter melon juice proves to be extremely powerful in combating pancreatic cancer cell lines. Just 3 days of treatment can led to a substantial reduction of cell viability of more than 98%. 

The explanation is simple. Cancer cells feed on glucose. Bitter melon has the ability to destroy their metabolism. Being hungry and left without sugar, the harmful cells soon begin to die. 

Unhealthy cells are normally eliminated through the process of apoptosis. But in the presence of cancerous tissue, this process is disrupted and ceases to function effectively. Bitter melon has the ability to restart the process, restoring the survival needs of the human body. 

The efficiency of this miraculous vegetable was demonstrated in a study from the University of Colorado. The experiments were conducted on laboratory mice. The results showed that rodents who ate bitter melon have experienced a reduction of the pancreatic tumor by up to 64% - a higher success rate than many chemotherapy treatments. 

Bitter melon has been proved to be a powerful treatment for diabetes too. Research revealed that this vegetable can improve the metabolic syndrome by its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism. 

Because of the spectacular results, pharmaceutical companies are already thinking of using the magical vegetable to create a new drug, which could revolutionise cancer treatment.