Jamie Oliver, once a TV entertainment darling lost a lot of popularity over the years. Now, with news breaking that his restaurants close, not many people feel sympathetic. Over on social media, people vented their feelings. Most of them feel very sorry for his workers, though allegedly some of them saw it coming. According to the BBC, around 1,300 people have their jobs on the line.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver puts his restaurants under administration, second crisis in two years

Sky News reported that just two years ago, Jamie averted a near disaster.

However, now "Mr Oliver's Jamie's Italian chain and his other venues have lined up KPMG to handle an insolvency process." Detailing a bit more about that, the BBC noted that "In total, 25 restaurants are affected by the move, 23 of which are from Jamie's Italian chain. Mr Oliver said: "I appreciate how difficult this is for everyone affected."'

Much of his ill wind could lie at the generally declining popularity of the casual dining crisis. However, for those on social media, it seems general resistance to him started some time back. Many people feel little or nothing for his misfortune, given that his overall worth is in the region of £240 million. That snippet came from Newsweek who cited Spears Magazine.

1,300 jobs on the line in Jaime Oliver's restaurants, some saw it coming

With 1,300 jobs on the line, sympathy for the workers comes across strongly on social media.

However, little of that is directed at Jaime. Some of the workers allegedly said they saw it coming and some of them got new jobs lines up. On Twitter, Ryan Conway, NFL columnist for @M_Star_Online, posted up a photo of some people at one of the closed restaurants.

Ryan captioned the photo with, "People on the right were members of staff & are surrounded with bags on the floor of their stuff & the belongings of staff that aren't there.

"A few of us got second jobs weeks ago. We saw it coming." One said."

Social media reacts to Jaime's bad restaurant news, popularity declined despite years in entertainment TV

While it's all being reported as a bit of a tragedy to gastronomy, very little support comes out from those people who care about foodie things. Actually, some comments verge on brutal. It's very obvious the celebrity chef's popularity declined despite his years in entertainment TV.

As several people pointed out, the kids who lost school dinners grew up and became his client base. It seems many people have very long Jamie Oliver school dinner memories.

Plenty of people had their say about it all, and here's a sample of their reactions:

  • @Nad: "Overpriced, overrated and most likely mismanaged. Not surprising #JamieOliver's business model is going bust. Shame about all the workers losing their jobs."
  • @And**: "Perhaps if #JamieOliver hadn’t spent the last 10 years or so, sucking the joy out of people’s food by telling them what to eat and instead concentrated on running his business, 1300 staff wouldn’t now be in fear of losing their jobs."
  • @Lel**: "Not surprised at the news. Over-priced, mediocre food. We went to his restaurant when it opened here and it was such a let-down. Perhaps if he was a bit more interested in the business and less in preaching to people this could have been avoided."
  • @kir**: "I've eaten at #JamieOliver's Italian with my family at least 1/2 a dozen times. I can safely say the food was average in quality and high in cost every time. Each time I hoped for so much more but was disappointed by the outcome. This is no surprise."

What do you think about Jamie Oliver, once so popular with his TV shows getting slammed on social media?

Are you sorry to hear his restaurants close? Do you think the poor workers can manage to find new jobs in the declining demand for restaurant diners?

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