The clocks have gone forward, the sun is starting to shine, and we are feeling that summer glow. Most of us want to forgo the fads and merely lose a little weight to get 'bikini body ready'. So, we asked the belle of Essex, Jessica Wright, 33, to share her food and fitness habits with us for that all-important motivation.


What is your favourite food?

I’m a real fan of Pan Asian fusion, sushi and Indian foods. I love strong but delicate flavours.

Can you cook?

I’m a good cook, but I eat out so often I don’t experiment in the kitchen as often as I’d like.

I make a mean pasta Bolognese, but I go for the healthy option of turkey mince & courgette instead of spaghetti.

What food do you treat yourself too?

When I was on TOWIE, I ate chocolate whenever I wanted and loved my wine but, now I’ll have the odd square of dark chocolate and only drink alcohol when I socialise. I’m not the type of person to commit to being vegan or teetotal because I like to enjoy life and the occasional Indian takeaway is one of my favourite indulgences too.

Do you eat a specific food or follow any particular diet?

I’m a massive believer in everything in moderation, and I don’t believe in faddy diets. Luckily, I’ve always loved my veggies, so eating healthily isn’t a chore.

At home, I’m careful not to overdo carbs, sugar and dairy, which means I can indulge when I go out.

A typical day in your life. What food do you eat and what exercise do you do?

An hour of training, so two workouts from my TV. FIT Fi7ness fitness programme, then I’ll have a protein shake, fresh juice and a cup of coffee. A light salad at lunch and then fish and veg for dinner, perhaps some king prawns and sweet potato.

Ultimate hangover cure?

It’s all about rehydration. I always crave salty foods, so it’ll be a packet of crisps, washed down with a Coca Cola and a bit glass of water mixed with a Berocca. Drinking water is one of my best fitness tips. It keeps your weight down, does wonders for your skin and makes you feel alert on the days you’re feeling tired.

What our nutritionist said

The DNA Dietitian Rachel Clarkson RD Specialist Dietitian & Nutritionist: Jess clearly has a great understanding of the importance of eating well. It’s refreshing to hear Jess talk so positively about eating everything in moderation and that she’s not hooked into fad diets.

Opting for a lean protein such as turkey mince rather than beef mince is a great heart-healthy tip– keeping saturated fats to a minimum and can also aid weight loss. Jess also is meeting her omega-3 requirements for brain and heart health regularly consuming oily fish such as salmon which is very popular in Asian cuisine - which she loves.

Restricting dairy in the diet puts her at risk of Calcium and iodine deficiency (essential for bone, reproductive and thyroid health – adding a dairy-free alternative, fortified with vitamins and minerals would be a great replacement.

Jess is opting for a very high sugar drink to re-stabilise her blood sugar when she’s hung over –choosing for a slow releasing carbohydrate such as oats in a smoothie or brown toast with nut butter would be more effective.