Cirio, a major Italian food company, wants people to level up their take on eating food. It is launching an engagement campaign called “Who is Alfredo?” to provide people with an opportunity to get together and share happy times.

“Who is Alfredo?” is very timely as this generation enjoys the benefits and wealth of social media and the internet. Riding on the good wave, the direction of Cirio’s latest campaign is to reach its other patrons online.

Having an established image of consistently bringing products that are not merely food to people since 1856, Cirio initiates a fun social competition among its loyal customers.

The competition will revolve around the famous Fettuccine Alfredo.

The concept of the competition

In the United Kingdom, Fettuccine Alfredo is widely known as an Italian dish but who actually invented remains unknown to the world. Naturally, people will initially think that the word Alfredo in the dish’s name is the name of its maker.

Here comes the exciting twist. The company wanted each of the participants to ask, “Who is Alfredo?” The sarcastic but genial appeal of this question hits the mind hard. On the other hand, if native Italians will be asked whether they know Fettuccine Alfredo they will inevitably answer back with, “Who’s Alfredo?” That’s because Fettuccine Alfredo is a fake Italian traditional dish, which is widespread in touristic restaurants all over the world but nobody in Italy really cooks it at home.

Contest proper

Everyone who enjoys Cirio is eligible to participate. However, they will need to do the required preliminary registration through the “Who is Alfredo” campaign’s official website. After the registration, all they need to do is have a picture taken of their convivial moment either alone or with others while eating or cooking a tomato based dish.

Caption each shot with #ImNotAlfredo hashtag to reaffirm that no one wanted to be Alfredo, because he is… fake! Note that the photos should be shared on the participants’ the personal Facebook timeline or inside the Gallery embedded to the official website.

Each registered users can upload one photo each day from June 15 to July 15.

Meaning the more Cirio-inspired photo uploaded, the more chances of winning!

What’s at stake?

This campaign does not only bring out the best times but also gives away substantial daily giveaways. There will be five grand winners who will receive a lavish package trips to Cooking Holiday in Tuscany for two! Note that in order to claim the travel package, “Who is Alfredo” campaign winners should demonstrate the purchase of one Cirio product within the campaign period indicated above with the receipt.