The conserve Italia-owned tomato brand Cirio is launching a massive social campaign in the United Kingdom to bring people closer together and share the love of food. Known for being not just mere food to the table of many European families, the company steps into wider vision.

Cirio taps on the current beauty of this generation’s love for photo sharing and plans to bring back that enthusiasm to food sharing and covert it to happy moments celebrating great dishes.

What is the campaign about

Cirio’s latest Alfredo campaign aims at involving online customers through a contest.

The contest main tenet will revolve around the menu staple “Fettuccine Alfredo”. This dish has always been known, in the UK and in many other countries of the world, as the typical Italian dish, but nobody really cooks it in Italy with the exception of the restaurants for tourists.

Cirio finds this interesting and makes it the contest’s main theme by adding a pinch of humour. The notion on whoever chef originated Fettuccine Alfredo becomes even playful when the topic is brought to its birthplace, Italy. If you ask an Italian whether they know this famous dish, the answer will be, inevitably: “Who’s Alfredo?”

How does it work?

This “Who is Alfredo?” campaign branches out to #IAmNotAlfredo contest.

The funny side of the notion difference in UK and Italy regarding fettuccine gives quite a run for every food lover. The concept embraces the wave of online trend of photo sharing.

Most people in the internet uploads much of their selfies. And Cirio tries to reach them and reintroduce the value of true, authentic foods, their real provenance, and the beauty of shared happy moments.

The mechanics are simple: take a photo of yourself or with your squad while eating or cooking any kind of tomato based dish then post on your Facebook timeline or into the dedicated website for the campaign

Each photo upload should bear the #ImNotAlfredo hashtag to reaffirm that none of us is, or aspires to be, Alfredo.

On the contrary, all of us aspire to be the Ambassador of oneself’s authenticity! Entries are limited to one from each person per day from June 15th to July 15th. The possibility to share more pictures offers a higher chance of winning.

Cirio will pick a new winner of a rich Goodie Bag each day until the last promo date. Five entries will be picked as grand winners and will be rewarded with a 3-day travel package for 2 people to Tuscany, in Italy, with a cooking class. However, the travel package winners will be required to demonstrate the purchase of a Cirio product within the contest period by presenting a dated receipt.