Italy has always been the dream destination for adventure seekers and food aficionados. From authentic-barrel-aged wine to delectable pastries, this European country is haven for anyone who fancy rich and mouth-watering dish.

Cirio knows too well its customers’ affinity to Italian fulsomeness. One major example to this connection is the widespread popularity of Fettuccine Alfredo in the United Kingdom. Being the most famous Italian dish on the land, it has been a staple best sellers in cafes, posh restaurants and even in ordinary household gatherings.

But when you come to Italy and ask about Fettuccine Alfredo. They will inevitably answer back with “Who is Alfredo?” This funny coincidence births Cirio’s initiative to use the same phrase “Who is Alfredo?” as name and inspiration to its new innovative campaign.

This major Italian food company campaigns to provide people with an opportunity to get together and share happy times with one another. The campaign is set to benchmark online to reach its customers who wanders on the internet.

How to win the travel package?

To make the campaign more exciting, Cirio is putting up #whoisalfredo contest. To join the said contest, customers should accomplish a preliminary registration at the campaign’s official site After that they are encourage to take happy pictures in a convivial situation either solo or with other people while eating or cooking with Cirio products.

Since this competition mainly revolves around the different notions about Fettuccine Alfredo in UK and Italy, #iamnotalfredo should appear in every photo captions which will be uploaded on the site. This is to reaffirm that no one can be the Alfredo associated with the Fettuccine dish, if he/she aspires to be authentically Italian, being “Alfredo Fettuccine” basically a “fake” Italian traditional dish, served into touristic menus in Italy.

What’s up for grabs?

As promised, the 5 winning entries will receive a 3-day travel package for two to Toscana Cooking Holiday.

Daily winners will also receive Cirio Goodie Bag throughout the duration of the contest and have another chance to win the grand prize. The promo runs from June 15 to July 15.

For the winners of the travel package, winners must be able to demonstrate the purchase of one Cirio product within the campaign duration supported by a receipt. Moreover, registered entrants are allowed to upload one image per day all throughout the contest.