The Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France, is famously known for its 'love locks', a symbol of affection and eternal love. Since 2008, visitors have been attaching padlocks with sentimental messages and their first names to the pedestrian walkway and throwing the keys away to the Seine River below, as a romantic gesture.

This phenomenon as long generated a series of problems: a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris; a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists; graffiti, pickpockets and also vendors selling cheap padlocks. That's why the city of Paris decided to start removing all of them from the famous and historic bridge, definitely bringing this touristic tradition to an end.

Right now, the bridge carries about a million padlocks standing on a structure that was designed only for pedestrian traffic, which has resulted in the collapse of a five-foot section parapet of the bridge last year.

The Pont des Arts bridge is going to be closed until June 7th in order to remove all the padlocks. As far as fans have been told, the "love locks" are going to be replaced by 110 panels featuring Art work by international artists; and then, in October, they will be covered with padlock-proof glass panels that are also easy to clean (because of the graffiti).

A lot of efforts have been done in order to alert people of the danger and the need to stop this so-called "tradition." Some of them had not been successful but there's no turning back right now.

Near the bridge, there are already signs both in French and English warning that the bridge is going to be closed for a week and that all the "love locks" are going to be removed.

In August 2014, it was publicly said by the Paris Mayor's Office that they wanted to encourage people to take "selfies" instead of leaving the famous love locks.

Together with this announcement,  the "Love Without Locks" campaign and social media hashtag was launched. The web site states:"Our bridges can no longer withstand your gestures of love. Set them free by declaring your love with #lovewithoutlocks."