As Louis Armstrong said, "If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know." Today, April 30th, is the International Day of Jazz.

Jazz is a genre of music that originated at the end of 19th century in Afro American Communities. With its unique and independent style, it has had the power to unify African American and European American musicians.

Jazz is also difficult to define. It includes a series of syncopation, polyrhythms, improvisation along with the classical aspects of European and American popular Music, and also influences from African musical elements such as blues and ragtime.

It has always been considered as an American "new form of art" because of its unique mixed origins.

Jazz is the only genre of music which is capable of creating a sense of understanding and equality. It is a symbol of peace and throughout the centuries, it was able to reduce tensions between social different social groups.

In November 2011, it was decided by Unesco General Conference that April 30th will be considered as "International Jazz Day." This day is celebrated in order to increase the awareness of the capability of Jazz to educate and reinforce the sense of peace and cooperation among people.

The 2015 International Jazz Day celebration is taking place in France, as Paris has been chosen as the 2015 Global Host City.

France has always been considered as the second homeland of jazz after the U.S.; especially during World War I, Paris has been an important and fundamental centre of diffusion and creation of pieces of jazz music.

Why is it important to celebrate this day? It is a unique occasion for everyone to contribute personally to the increase of awareness of this historical genre of music.

Without Jazz, modern music would not be the same.

As Unesco General Director Irina Bokova states, "In times of change and uncertainty, we need the spirit of jazz more than ever before, to bring people - especially young women and men - together, to nurture freedom and dialogue, to create new bridges of respect and understanding, for greater tolerance and cooperation."