Converse has just released a new version of the iconic Chuck Taylor, also known as the All Star, forthe first time in 98 years, in a way of making it more comfortable and easier to walk.At a first look, theylook nearly identical on the outside. The big change is on the inside, becausethey are more comfortable for the feet, the company said.The Chuck Taylor All Star II boasts the entire recognisable classic Converse styling attributes of the original, but features what they say to be theinnovative advanced Nike Lunarlon technology,meant to support an "on-the-go" lifestyle.

Jim Calhoun, Converse president and CEO, said in a statement that the Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most legendary and iconic trainers of all time. The launch of Chuck II is being touted as a groundbreaking moment for Converse, as the company continues to move the brand forward through creativity and innovation, ushering in not just a new trainer, but a completely new way of thinking.

The biggest change is probably the rubber sole, which contains a material developed by Nike that is the Lunarlon technology. Lunarlon consists of a lightweight and bouncy foam, used by the company in its running and basketball shoes, that helps more evenly spread out impact and makes the trainer more comfortable.

Alongside with Lunarlon sock liner, there's a inner ultra suede lining that makes it feel a little more luxurious than the standard one, which also features a foam cushioning in the tongue and collar, that also helps improve breathability.

Most of the biggest changes are on details. The silver eyelets have turned monochrome matte and molded with a wee "Converse" insignia, that creates a feeling of greater depth; the All Star patch is fully embroidered in blue and white thread, not heat-welded, with a three-dimensional letters, instead of just a painted-logo.

The rubber band, called foxing, that connects the upper to the sole more cleanly meets the toecap, while the waffle-pattern sole is no longer brown, but the colour of honey, being the dark pinstripe now a striated pattern in homage to the days when factory workers reinforced the rubber using a tool resembling a pizza cutter.

Unsurprisingly, by 2 p.m. on tuesday the black hi-tops sold out completely, with the rest of the colors selling out over the next two days.

The new Chuck II keeps all the important features of the original iconic sneaker, while adding features that are friendlier to the feet. The trainers are available sinceJuly 28 in four different colours: Black, Salsa Red, Sodalite Blue and White, both in low-top and hi-top. Prices will be a little more expensive than the originals, costing the high-top around £48 and the low-top version £45.