Watching BBC1's 'Question Time' last night, hosted by seasoned commentator David Dimbleby, a question was asked to the panel that included Tristram Hunt of Labour and Nicky Morgan of the Conservatives with no UKIP representative on the show (again) about the rise in attack on Jews whether it be attacks on their places of worship, state interference in Orthodox Jewish schools or the question of how animals are killed via the Kosher technique.

One member of the panel who happened to be Jewish commented that the latest round of Israeli - Gaza clashes have not helped the cause of Judaism in this country but he thought the UK was tolerant of its Jewish community and he felt safe here but he referred to George Galloway, Respect MP and memeber for Bradford which has a large Pakistani Muslim population in the north of England and his seemingly anti - Jewish and anti - Israeli comments which may or may not have been attributed to Mr Galloway who was also on the panel last night.

The debate became quite heated between Mr Galloway and some Jewish members of the audience. Mr Galloway claimed he had been set up by the BBC as the Jewish members of the audience heckled him when he denied he was an anti - semite. At the same time, he condemned the Israeli government and the state of Israel's actions against the Palestinians.  On the other hand, many Muslim members of the audience were clapping him and cheering him.  

Mr Galloway, a former Labour MP, who apparently hardly ever turns up for debates in the House of Commons has been a very divisive figure in British politics. One time he met Saddam Hussein and seemed to be overcome by the man; another time he went to a congressional hearing in the US where he confronted his critics.

Mr Galloway also hosts a radio talk show; he has appeared with Rula Lenska on 'Big Brother' pretending to be a cat.  Love or loathe 'gorgeous George' as he is nicknamed, he is a firebrand orator and is not afraid to speak his mind.

David Dimbleby had to intervene and tell Mr Galloway to be quiet as other panel members needed to speak and he told the audience they could only speak one at a time.

 George Galloway is very good at verbally attacking Israel, but as far as I know, he has yet to condemn the actions of 'Islamic State' and their attrocities.

Towards the end of the debate one Jewish speaker, an older man who seemed calmer and more collected than his semitic colleagues in the audience, thought that resentment towards Jews was on the rise again but said that the growing Muslim population in Europe were playing a large part in the growing verbal and physical attacks on Jews.

It is apparent with the attack on the Jewish supermarket in France that followed the attack on Charlie Hebdo, many Jews in France feel unsafe with many of them feeling like fleeing to Israel. Many Jews feel like this too in the UK. And, I am sure it is the same in many western European countries with Jewish communities where there is also a large Muslim community. And what happens in the Middle East today tends to boil over into Europe the day after, or thats how it seems.