Overall, 2014 wasn't a conplete right off for me. This time last year I was very unemployed, and wasn't feeling too good about myself, the only redeeming factor being, I spent a lot of time with my amazing family and friends. But, mainly, it taught me a lot of things about myself and I'm on the journey to rediscovering myself (I've watched and read quite a bit of Lena Dunham this year!)

So first off, 2014 taught me that, the majority of the time you won't be working in the city, town, county, country you think you will be at 19. In some cases you might actually enjoy your job, but sometimes, you have to stick out the rubbish jobs to see that the job you want might come around enventually.

Sometimes, you just need to work it out.

Secondly, sometimes you'll make crazy decisions and you'll think that they are a bit stupid. Sometimes, they are really stupid. But, life is for taking chances,and if you suddenly decide to move halfway across the world, or even just down the road from you mum. Do it!! It's fine because you've made that choice for yourself, don't let anyone change your mind. Family will always be there to support and help when you need it the most.

Third, taking a blind leap of faith is needed, it's good for the soul! You might spend some nights cry because of choices you have made (see above point), but friends, family, husbands, wifes, boyfriends, girlfriends, even the dog, will all support you.

Because that's real love.

Next, learning a new langurage is really quite hard. It was probably easier when you were at school, but if you keep on truckin', you'll get there eventually. Wie geht ist die?

Another thing I've learned is, people will leave your life, sometimes through your own chosing, other times, not so much.

I lost some important people this year, but the main thing you need to remmeber is, there is a good chance that they don't want you to shed tears over them. Keep the good memories close to your heart, and they won't ever really leave you.

So to counter that last, sad bit, people will re-enter your life, and it'll either be really really wierd or totally amazing.

It's what you make it.

Travel, travel has taught me quite a bit about myself over the past year and a bit. I've always had the travel bug in me, but this year I went to two amazing cities, Prague in June and Krakow in August. Both places showed me how to appreciate how lucky I have been to grow up in Scotland. To not live in fear because of my gender, or creed or even my political views(not now, but back in the time of communism/facsism). Travelling more is something I'm embracing this year. Hopefully you will too.

And finally, being 25 isn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. I spent the first part of this year dreading my 25th birthday, but age is just a number. At 16, I had a totally different idea of what my life would be life by the time i was 25.

I also thought I'd be friends with the same people, and I'm not really. My life certainly didn't go to the plan I had then, but I'm pretty lucky to havde the family, friends and boyfriend I have at the minute. When life gives you lemons you just have to make lemonade!