This is the dress that broke the Internet. It caused more outrage than Madonna taking a tumble at the BRIT Awards, and took the shine away from a Kardashian breaking it for the day. But the colour of a simple Mother of the Bride dress has split friends, and even caused Twitter to go into meltdown. Is it Blue/Black or is it White/Gold?

It all comes down to one simple question: "What colour do you see?" Personally, I'm on team White and Gold. I'm joined by stars such as Kim K and Pitch Perfect 2's Anna Kendrick. Taylor Swift and Kanye West are on team Blue/Black, and it would seem that they are correct.

After the photo had done the rounds on various social media and international news websites, a photo of Cecelia Bleasdale (the woman who bought the Roman Originals' dress to wear to her daughter's wedding) appeared, and ladies and gents, the truth can now be revealed - It's blue, with black lace.

However, before the photo of the lovely Mother of the Bride surfaced, Adobe (photo geniuses that they are!) put it all down to "contrast". also pointed out that "a digital analysis of the dress photo shows that one of the spots of black trim is actually orange, therefore, people will see the blue in the dress as white, and the black as gold."

It's still slightly confusing, but these guys know more about photos and how these things work, so let's leave the tech stuff to them!

This debate has had a grasp on the internet all day, but Mindy Kalling, Kanye and Tay-Tay are all correct. The dress is blue and black.

Roman Originals have also reaped the rewards of the viral picture. A spokesperson said, "We are ecstatic about the reception of our fabulous blue and black dress. We are thinking of doing a white and gold version.

We sold out within the first 30 minutes of sale and have since restocked all sizes and colours."

So, there you have it. The dress is blue and black. The debate that gripped the internet, fuelled so many arguments and may have even ruined friendships has been solved.