I love going on city breaks. There is nothing more satisfying than wandering the historic streets of Europe's most beautiful cities.

But the majority of the time they are booked last minute and often with budget airlines, who charge you over the odds to place a bag in the hold. So, the cabin bag has really become my best friend over the last few years.

I have become a master at packing, thanks mainly to my mum, who has shown me the fine art of packing strategically, thus enabling me to maximize my small amount of baggage to the best of its ability.

Here are our top tips:

1. If you can get away with it, take only one pair of shoes. I'm a trainer kinda gal, I wear them with practically everything I own. So it's really no brainier for me to wear them while travelling, as well as when wandering.

2. Take things you are comfortable in. This is where Fashion meets function. It needs to, especially if you are on city break. Walking around cities is tiring, so pack for comfort, as well as fashion. Think light trousers with sheer blouses, and maxi skirts with cute vest tops. As well as this, light summer dresses work at treat to pair with leggings and a nice kimono and you are in outfit perfection!

3.So if point number two was about summer dressing, then this point is about winter dressing.

If you chose to go on your break in the winter time, or even come to my native Scotland in the summer, pack a jacket, and boots too. There is a good chance you'll need them. Jeans, bright coloured tops and scarves are essential, and can look just as good as summer clothes.

4. Accessories are key. Packing light means that what you use to jazz up and outfit needs to stand out more than ever.

Bold necklaces, a big trend last year, are set to move on to SS15. If you wear your hair up, let your hair accessories do the talking, hair bands embellished with jewels, hair ties blazoned with flowers and butterflies, and grips with sparkles will certainly jazz up any outfit.

5. Should you need to take another pair of shoes with you, make sure they are comfortable flats, most cities have cobbled streets, making it harder to walk in heels!

6. Always let your own personal style shine through. If you want to wear purple trainers with red flowery trousers then do it! You are on your holidays, have fun with fashion, that's what its all about!