Starting on Friday, December 26th 2014, a weekend long demonstration against the eviction of the in Den Hague located social centre 'De Vloek.

The city of Den Hague wants to evict 'De Vloek, a social centre in the beginning of April 2015.

"There is a need in time to fight for what you believe in!!! Say No …to the eviction of social centre 'De Vloek, Defend all autonomous spaces against capitalism".

It is a call to everybody to defend autonomous social spaces against demolition for 'yuppie projects.

Many good social centres in the Netherlands are already been closed down. Autonomous social centres like 'De Valreep'(The Accommodating Ladder) in Amsterdam, which hat to make way for a luxury Grand Café, and the 'Blauwe Aanslag'(Blue Assault) in Den Hague are just a few names.

People want to be free from the capitalistic society and therefor go in search of or create their own utopia.

An utopia in which they can life among each other as equals and without racism.

And once more after more than a decade that same created utopia has to disappear for 'yuppies.

"This world should not revolve around the interests of real estate developers, but around the people".

'De Vloek

A former coating company was occupied, 12 years ago, by a group of squatters with the same vision. Now it has made its mark on the famous Dutch harbour of Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

Over the years you can find many non-profit initiatives which have been setup by the occupiers. In social centre 'De Vloek' you will find the organic vegan restaurant called 'Water en Brood'(Water & Bread), the Concert Hall named 'De Piraten Bar'(The Pirate Bar), many workspaces, studios, living spaces and a rehearsal rooms for bands.

All the work and effort that has been put into 'De Vloek' is coming from the squatters and is since been kept running without subsidies from the government, it is all been self managed.

'De Vloek is well-known to people all over and due to the activities presented every week by 'De Vloek, it is able to draw a lot of visitors.

On Saturday and on the closing day of the weekend demonstration, several groups were formed and spread out outside and throughout the city of Den Hague. News on the actions taking place were given via social media such as Twitter. At around six in the afternoon everybody would gather at the location Kerkplein(Big church square) located in the middle of Den Hague's shopping centre.

People would be coming in groups or on bike from all direction. Here the demonstrators are able to get further details in regard to the more than 32 arrest and release been made by the Police over the weekend.

As usual the restaurant 'Brood & Water'(Water & Bread) provided a free nice hot soup, salads, bread and thee.

Beside the music wagon, you could also enjoy a three-man-band playing folks music. Creating a scene in which the crowed is dancing around in spite of the cold to the sounds of the band.

Around 19:00 hrs. a speech is given, followed by the protesters march in the direction of Den Hague City-Hall, underway to the area of the old 'Blauwe Aanslag'(Bleu Assault) squat and along the shopping centre they would march on in the cold, while you could hear their voices loud and clear.

The firework made it even more spectacular to watch as the crowed

passes through those narrow backstreets of Den Hague city center. Spectators and local neighbors all wanted to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

Speeches that were made and the information on the flyers made it clear to anyone that this is a demonstration against the eviction of social centre 'De Vloek.

This social centre has to give way to a sailing centre located in the Nautical Center across 'De Vloek', which was not build for no longer than five years ago. It has cost the tax-payers three million euro and the building still has not been fully utilized. Yet another autonomous social centre has to be destroyed, while in mean time half of the harbor is still empty.

There were the shipyards hat to make way for luxury apartments and restaurants; restaurants which hat to close their doors simply because nobody would come visit.

But arguments do not play a major factor in this politic.

Politic is about money, it is about the capital power.

We must not forget one thing. All of the good initiatives

which have been build up from the bottom where created by people and did not just happened. It takes willpower. It needs people who just like on Saturday's protest squatted a compound with the risk of getting arrested and been booked on criminal charges.

They are those who stand here today. Those who came this weekend from Denmark and Germany and from other cities outside Den Hague.

They are the people to whom we as part of their efforts, have so many beautiful places to be thankful to.

Places where we can sit down in a nice comfort zone to enjoy a vegan meal. There were you might find your next atelier or studio.

And where you can also have the coolest parties.

It is about and for those who are not money-driven or in search of power.