When considering the words thatshould be used to describe the European Union, it is difficult not toautomatically consider the words that most would expect to hear. When followingthis ideal, the first thought is thinking about what the intention of theformation of the European Union was. However, this would be simplistic and wouldnot work as it would not offer a true picture, resulting in a list of positivesand platitudes when, in fact, perfection is rare.

I cannot cite any examples to justifythe words ‘peace’ or ‘unity’ being used to describe the European Union.

Notonly does the European Union seem to suffer much infighting between its membersthat precludes the application of the words, but many of the member countriesare also quite prepared to go to war.

I believe that matters concerned withpeace and unity are more the focus of other organisations, such as the UnitedNations. The main objective of the European Union is to look after its owninterests and increase its presence and power in the world, even if this isdetrimental to others. It is not possible for potentially negative effects tosit comfortably alongside actions that lead to peace and unity.

‘Bureaucracy’ and ‘rights’ can betterbe associated with the European Union, which relates on a more factual basisthan other terms.

The idea of whether peace and unity, for example, candescribe the European Union is a matter of opinion. Bureaucracy and rights area given as they both exist, whether in a positive or negative context. Thereare many bodies that have resulted from the formation of the European Union, whichhas caused bureaucracy whether it is wanted or not.

Whether citizens of the membercountries consider their rights to have been extended or hindered, there isstill scope to discuss rights within any debate about the European Union.

Many could argue that ‘opportunity’can be used to describe the European Union; whether in respect of increasedtrade, travel or ability to work in other European countries.

To me, ‘austerity’ can be used todescribe the European Union, despite this not being the intention. Besidesthis, it describes some member countries better than others, but to such asextent that it cannot be excluded.