Attempting to determine whether the European Union has had on Britain is difficult as there are so many factors to consider. In addition to this, membership of the European Union affects people differently in that some will be more subject to regulations or be required to take specific action. This could be due to their particular profession or because they play a part in the political process.

With this being the case, it is possible that the answer to whether the European Union has actually improved Great Britain can be ‘yes’ and ‘no’, depending on who you ask. Personally, I am unable to point to any specific aspect of my life that has been improved significantly by being part of the European Union.

When I choose to use it, the main benefit I can point to is in respect of travelling around Europe. There is no need for me to worry about the paperwork that can be required when seeking to travel further afield. In addition, in the event that I was seeking to live and work in another of the European member countries, I suspect the process would be easier to achieve than if I wanted to work in a non-EU member country.

When considering country as a whole, there may be some improvements that have arisen from being a member of the European Union. By itself, Great Britain is fairly small when compared to other countries. Despite the old adage that ‘size isn’t everything’, I believe that this gives many the impression that Great Britain is insignificant and unable to exert any influence in important matters or negotiations.

One benefit that may have come from being a member of the European Union is that it makes Great Britain part of a larger entity. While this may seem like a fairly superficial change, it can actually lead to the country becoming more powerful.

There is a possibility that trade with other member states has been improved by being part of the European Union. Without having any actual involvement, it is difficult to know what positives have arisen in terms or trade. Further, it is arguable as to whether there wouldn’t still be favourable trade agreements in place even if we were not part of the European Union. 

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