When considering the European Union’sgreatest achievement, it is easier to come to a conclusion when a comparisoncan be made. Those of us that have never experienced living in Great Britainwithout it having been a member of the European Union can find it difficult todo this. This would be the best way to determine what has changed and whetherany improvements have been made. All that is actually possible for me, in thisregard, is to take into account what I know about the political history of thiscountry.

I could then think about the mostbeneficial change that has resulted since the country’s inclusion in theEuropean Union.

However, even without thinking about history, it is stillpossible to consider the fact that the country is part of the European Unionright now to come up with benefits of this. Even then, figuring out the greatestachievement is a different matter.

One of the most recognisable and instantachievements of the European Union is giving Great Britain some automaticallies. With the country being linked to several others as part of the EuropeanUnion, it is possible to count on their support in international affairs. Ithas helped Great Britain to become more powerful on the world’s stage.

It is possible that the trade agreementthat has arisen from the European Union is a great achievement on the basisthat the trade between the member countries is easier and cheaper.

Thisbenefits the public as consumers and enables a greater choice.

Another of the European Union’sachievements is effectively making Europe a smaller place in terms of theability of individuals to move around Europe. Like trade, being able to traveleasily is beneficial to the country’s citizens.

Maybe the greatest achievement of theEuropean Union is the legislative system.

Having European Courts to apply thelaw and create case laws leads to some uniformity on how the affect of the lawthroughout Europe rather than there being a different result depending on whereyou are.