During the Sunday Sessions (organised by 'Munich Sessions') I got to meet the Irish Singer /Songwriter John Dunne, who lives in Munich in a very spontaneous way. Our Interview also happened quite spontaneously. Obviously, John Donne is a very spontaneous lad.

Annabel Kohlmeier: Hey John! Thanks for taking your time, although you're so busy with St.Patrick's Day Celebrations!

John Dunne: Hey, good to see you again. That's true. I am quite busy indeed. There's a lot of preparations for the St.Patricks Day Parade on Sunday. I'm honoured to be the Master of Ceremonies this year.

So there is a lot of green clothing, decoration and other items to be purchased as well.

Annabel Kohlmeier: That sounds great. Good Luck! When I told you that you remind me of Damien Rice, you were a bit surprised. May I ask why?

John Dunne: That's a very good question. To even be mentioned in the same sentence as Damien Rice is a huge compliment. I personally wouldn't be able to regard myself in the same league as him, but my mother told me to always take a compliment. So cheers!

Annabel Kohlmeier: What's coming up next?

John Dunne: Before summer my band and I plan on getting an LP or album out. Our name is 'Malon Way'. We will be recording it in Munich. I hope to have solo acoustic and 'band versions' of my up-coming work.

Right now I'm approaching my 30th year of life and am really starting to feel like I'm ageing artistically. I'm definitely a 'late bloomer'.

Annabel Kohlmeier: Sorry to say that, but some of your songs that you performed during 'Sunday Sessions' were quite depressing... especially 'anxiety and love' and 'Father', which almost made me cry since my Dad passed away two years ago from a sudden heart attack...

In which way do you use music as a therapeutic method to transform emotional pain and challenges in life?

John Dunne: On the Surface, i have always been 'happy-go-lucky' and I guess I was not honest to myself for many years.

Therefore I had never written what you would call a 'happy song'. But lately I have learnt a very important lesson in life and that is to accept and love yourself for who and what you are.

Annabel Kohlmeier: Thank you for sharing that. It sounds lovely. And that is what I admire the most in your Music: It is authentic and honest. Now don't blush... I know it's hard for you to accept compliments.

Let's come to the last question: Are you in Love?

John Dunne: Yeah, next question... please...

Annabel Kohlmeier: Haha, gotcha. Anything else you'd like to share with the public?

John Dunne: I'm just really excited for the future- musically speaking and in general. I hope I'm spreading more Love than Depression. Love is paramount :-)

Blasting News: Thanks for the Interview! See you at St. Paddies.