Good news is out about the third season of the Stephen King adaptation “Mr. Mercedes.” The season is starting to come together and will be starring Bruce Dern (“The Mustang”, and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”). Dern will play John Rothstein, the famous, reclusive writer that fans will remember from the good “Finders Keepers”.

As reported by Bleeding Cool, season 3 is currently being filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. The script was penned by David E. Kelly (“Ally McBeal,” “Big Little Lies”) and Jack Bender is coming back to direct the new, ten-episode season.

‘Mr. Mercedes’ season 3 based on ‘Finders Keepers’

The series is adapted from Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy – a group of books that feature the titular “Mr. Mercedes", “Finders Keepers,” and the final “End of Watch. The show features Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleason) in a cat and mouse game with a terrifying serial killer, Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway).

Seasons 1 and 2 told the story of the first novel in the series and season 3 will now cover King's “Finders Keepers”, a story that is still affected by Brady Hartsfield but goes on a different tack.

It involved the murder of John Rothstein (Bruce Dern), the said reclusive writer. Rothstein had developed a popular character called Jimmy Gold, but failed to publish any books for decades. His manager, Morris Bellamy is not impressed, partly become Hathaway hasn’t written books for a long time, but also the way the story went, with his star character, Gold, selling out his career and turning to advertising.

Bellamy brutally murders Rothstein, emptying out his safe which is full of cash and finding a real treasure – a bunch of notebooks which contain the basis of at least one novel starring Jimmy Gold.

Bellamy then hides the money and the treasures he had found but gets arrested for a different crime.

Several decades later, a teenager named Pete Saubers finds the money and the notebooks. Saubers’ father is having money troubles, due to injuries received in the Mr. Mercedes attack on people queuing at a job fair. Pete decides to surreptitiously use the found money to help his family.

When Bellamy is finally released from prison, he finds out that Pete had stolen his treasure cache and it is now up to Detective Bill Hodges and his team, Jerome Robinson (Jharrel Jerome) and Holly Gibney (Justine Lupe) to protect Saubers from the increasingly deranged and bloodthirsty Bellamy.

Returning stars in ‘Mr. Mercedes’

Scott Lawrence will play Detective Peter Dixon, Breeda Wool will star as Lou Linklatter, Holland Taylor will reprise her role as Ida Silveris, while Jack Huston is back as Dr. Felix Babineau, Hartfield’s doctor. As noted by Flickering Myth, ‘Mr. Mercedes’ season 3 will air in the US on the AT&T Audience Network later in the year. Hopefully, it will then head to UK Television soon after.