Russian Doll” is a big hit for Netflix, both with critics and viewers alike. Starring and co-produced by Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, the series was a perfect blend of black comedy, sci-fi and heart-warming drama. The story features Lyonne’s character dying over and over again on her 36th birthday and she eventually finds a man, Alan, who repeatedly dies at the same time. Neither initially understands why this is happening to them, but realise there are issues in their lives they need to resolve.

The series ended with episode eight, where we saw Nadia and Alan figuratively walking off into the sunset.

Without giving too many spoilers, it closes the story very nicely for viewers. However, as “Russian Doll” was so good, people are asking whether there will be a second season on Netflix. Also, a fan on Reddit has a theory that is much darker about the series.

Season 2 possibilities for ‘Russian Doll’

As noted by Good Housekeeping, “Russian Doll” was co-created and produced by Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland and Lyonne and Headland told The Hollywood Reporter that when first approaching Netflix, they pitched three seasons of what they called heartfelt, bonkers, passionate stories. Reportedly Netflix said that was great and the more of it the merrier.

Netflix has kept mum about whether there will be a season two, but fans certainly wouldn’t turn it down, as the first season was so enjoyable.

The plot of season one has been compared to “Groundhog Day” for the fact Nadia and Alan kept repeating the same day. Only thing is, in this case, that had to die, repeatedly, for that to happen.

Fan theory about Alan in ‘Russian Doll’

We are led to believe the series shows a woman and man, learning about themselves in a heart-warming way.

However, Digital Spy reports on a Reddit fan theory that makes the plot much darker. The Redditor posted that they believe Alan understood about the repeating situation far sooner than Nadia did.

Spoiler alert: In one episode, Alan admits to having committed suicide after he found out his girlfriend was messing around, on the day he was ready to propose.

The Redditor believes Alan may have committed suicide more often than just once. They believe that the fact that Nadia dies each time she leaves her birthday party is somehow related to Alan’s suicides. Whether this is the case or not, no one knows. It is clear that Alan does have mental health issues, while Nadia isn’t exactly leading the perfect life either.

With all the possibilities and mysteries surrounding the series, it does look likely a second season could happen. Lyonne would probably return in the role of Nadia, and maybe she will experience time loops again. If it is going to happen, Digital Spy quotes an informed guess as saying the second season of "Russian Doll" could happen around this time next year.