Thirty days have elapsed since the release of Rajinikanth's "Petta" and Ajith's " Visvasam", but despite the passage of so many days since their release, the films are still clicking at the box office. To date, both films have crossed Rs 235 crores( 25.6 million GBP). Overall Rajinikanth's "Petta" is leading having collected Rs 295 crores( 32.2 million GBP). Zee Biz news has reported that Rajinikanth and Ajith, the two top stars of the Tamil Film, have been successful in attracting the audience in large numbers to the theatres.


The success of both the films is a shot in the arm of the film industry in Tamilnadu as there was some apprehension that if both the films are released on the same date there could be a chance that one of them may fail at the box office.

However, the release of the films during the Pongal holidays have been good for them both and augers well for the industry in times ahead.

Rajnikanth's films have always done well but his last film "2.0", though a hit at the box office did not do justice to the outlay. It was the costliest film ever made in India at 543 crores(59.2 million GBP) and though the film has generated nearly 600 crores( 65.5 million GBP) the return on investment is not up to the mark. Rajinikanth needed a big hit and now his "Petta" has stormed the box office.

Box office

"Petta" has also salvaged the careers of actresses Trisha and Simran and has done better outside Tamilnadu while "Viswasam" is ahead in collections inside Tamilnadu.

Both the films have broken the record collections made by "Bahubali2" in Chennai city. Ajith is not on the same level as Rajinikanth as a star but he is much younger (48) and has been a motor car racer having taken part in the MRF Racing series in Chennai in 2010.

It's to his credit that his film is in competition with a Rajnikanth film and holding its own and beating the superstar's film collection in Tamilnadu.

This shows that Ajith has a niche of his own among the Tamil film patrons.

A legend and superstar

Rajinikanth has become a legend on the screen and though 68 he is a top draw. He had announced his intention to enter politics but the runaway success of his films has probably led to a change of heart. The success of his latest film can be gauged from the news as reported by Tamil Fun express on youtube that the film "Petta" which proves that Rajnikanth is a superstar for entire India was made at a cost of 90 crores. The film has earned much more than that making an excellent return on investment.