Rajinikanth is a one-man show in Tamil Film industry. Actors and actresses even if fading away are resurrected once they associate with the greatest superstar of Indian cinema.

Rajinikanth's latest film "Petta" made at the cost of Rs 150 crores (GBP 16 million) like his last six films is a hit at the box-office. Rajinikanth is a heavily paid star, and it is reported that his fee for this film was Rs 65 crores (GBP 6.9 million). This fee is justified as he alone carries the film. In the bargain, the smaller stars who are though fading away also get a fresh lease of life once they catch his hands.

In this film, the 35-year-old Trisha and 42-year-old Simran have been chosen by Rajnikanth to star opposite him. India Today has reported that on day 22 the film collections have crossed Rs 200 crores (GBP 21.4 million).

Trisha and Simran

Two actresses who are lovely but catching on in years and chosen by Rajinikanth are Trisha Krishnan and Simran Bagga. Trisha is 35 and Simran 42, as well as a mother of two children. They were in the winter of their careers, but Rajinikanth by romancing them in "Petta" has resurrected their careers. Filmi Beat has reported that Simran will soon be seen in "Seema Raja" (Telugu).

Trisha is still a bachelor girl though she was engaged to be married earlier while Simran who is a Punjabi is married and has two children.

It was a dream come true for both as Rajinikanth approved their roles in the film "Petta, which was way ahead of its rival "Viswasam."

Dreams and Rajinikanth

Simran in a statement has said that she is thankful to have got a chance to act opposite Rajinikanth. Similarly, it was a dream come true for Trisha to get a chance to act opposite the numero uno in Indian cinema.

She tweeted "dream came true to be pairing with the one and only superstar."

Comparing Amitabh

One can think of Amitabh Bachchan as a comparison, but Amitabh in terms of popularity and survivability as a hero will have to take second place to Rajinikanth. He is 68 but watching him act, and romance younger girls is something that thrills audiences.

Amitabh also acted in a similar role of a 60-year-old man falling in love with a 19-year-old friend of his daughter in "Nishabd", but the film bombed at the box-office. In contrast, Rajinikanth is almost like a clinical machine as he churns out hit after hit.

"Petta" is a hit and was released this Pongal. The film is directed by Karthik Subbaraj, but the success of the film rests only on Rajinikanth. If a lesser star had acted in this film, it would not have been such a big hit.

Both the girls Simran and Trisha were indeed paid a minuscule amount compared to Rajinikanth, but the fact their careers which had reached the end have again been resurrected is much more than any payment. Credit for this goes to Rajinikanth.

Last word

Rajinikanth has signed up more films, and one wonders who his female costars will be. Many girls will be hoping that Rajinikanth selects one of them. It's always a dream for any girl to star opposite the superstar.