Evidently, the creators of the "Dragon Ball Super: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" are showing why Moro is considered as the greatest wizard in this action-packed saga. Fans already know some of his capabilities, but just a few hours ago, it was revealed that Moro has the gift to stop any Saiyan from transforming. With that said, Vegeta and Goku must find a way to destroy him before he eradicates the entire Universe 7.

Moro’s life drain

Late last year, there was a myriad of spoilers pertaining to the ungodly powers of the wizard Moro. Some of those powers include telekinesis, electric shock, magic scanning and the ability to throw comets at will.

Among those powers listed, there are 3 more skills that are considered as a destructive force in the Dragon Ball Universe. Moro is called “Planet-Eater” not because he devours the planet, but he drains the life out of them. The devious wizard then forms this “life energy” into an “energy ball” which he then consumes as time progresses. Moro’s fighting skill is also in a way unprecedented in that he drains the energy of his opponents without them knowing it.

Planet life energy manipulation

Another power that was revealed is the ability to use the planet's energy. If Moro decides not to drain the life out of a planet, he will use it then as a weapon. Moro is a dark wizard, which means that sorcery and necromancy is part of his being.

Once he steps on a planet, Moro has full control of the planet's energy. There’s no limitation on his power unless the life energy on the planet is emptied. There were several pictures posted online of him using this power, but the authenticity is still being questioned. Basing on this information, Moro can easily destroy any planet, unfortunately, Universe 7 is one of his targets.

Saiyan Transformation Disruption

Probably the most shocking ability of Moro is the “Saiyan Transformation Disruption”. As posted on the current Manga episode, Vegeta was visibly shaken when he can’t seem to transform to Super Saiyan mode while facing Moro. This spells trouble to Universe 7 as it is widely recognised the Saiyan’s power comes from their rage and transformation.

The “Planet-Eater” clearly has a huge advantage against the Saiyan Prince. Without transforming, Vegeta, Goku and the other Saiyan’s cannot withstand the power of the evil sorcerer. Fans are also wondering if Moro will be the key in opening the demon realm. If that happens, then we might have seen the final stand of Universe 7.