Remember the Yanny or Laurel debate? Well, that has now been topped by another video, which shows Grover on the kids' programme "Sesame Street" apparently using filthy language. To me, I can definitely hear the offending word, but Internet users are still trying to decide if it’s true.

When viewers watched the "Sesame Street" clip of Grover, they were a tad surprised, as he may be heard to say that something sounded like an excellent idea, or alternatively that it was a “f***ing excellent idea.

Did Grover swear or not?

First, there was Yanny and Laurel, now there's Grover.

These videos are testing our hearing to the limits!

Listen to the brief clip of Grover below where he thinks losing or moving the camera is an "excellent idea" and discover what you can hear. Does he use the "F-word" or not?

With the Yanny or Laurel debate, it was scientifically explained by the poor sound quality of the clip.

At high frequencies, “Yanny” could be heard, but at lower frequencies, “Laurel” clearly came through. However, in the case of Grover, the confusion appears to come from the speed at which Grover delivers the line, blurring the syllables together.

Redditors comment on the clip

Indy100 reports that Reddit member TwentyfootAngels went into a detailed explanation about a hearing disorder which may be the cause of the problem.

Named Auditory Processing Disorder, or APD, the disorder makes it hard for sufferers to process sounds of this nature.

Another user, Tanuulor, reckoned we are able to trick our brains into hearing both versions, depending on which version you are thinking about at the time. Apparently, if we listen to the clip while thinking about “that sounds like an excellent idea,” that is what we will hear.

Sorry, I still hear the swear word!

Grover and the Internet debate

Thomas Schroder appears to have started the latest “Yanny or Laurel” debate after he heard Grover while his daughter was watching "Sesame Street" at the time. She is apparently obsessed with Elmo. Schroder says in the description on his YouTube video that we should first think of Grover saying the line with the f-word and then listen again, knowing he must have said it sounds like an excellent idea. He also reckoned he could hear both, depending on what he was thinking at the time.

Bustle notes that Twitter user Yvette Nicole Brown can hear both versions interchangeably too.

Yvette isn’t the only one that can hear the phrase in both forms while refusing to believe an innocent puppet on a kids’ show would ever swear.

Bustle quotes another Twitter user as saying they didn’t believe he said the f-word and that they were confused, needing time to sort out their thoughts and figure the whole thing out.

I have to confess, having listened to the video clip multiple times, I did finally hear the clean version!