After the bombing of two major blockbuster films namely, "Thugs of Hindustan" and "Zero," there was much apprehension in Bollywood about the success of the Hindi Film "Simmba" the latest offering starring Ranveer Singh. Simmba is a major success story for all involved and in just three days the film has gathered momentum and emerged as a huge winner. This heralds a bright future for the film in the coming days. The Hindustan Times has reported that the film collected over 100 crores (over half a million UK pounds) within just three days of its release.


The big jump for the film came on Sunday when it collected 31.06 crores. This collection is among the best of the top five opening weekends of Bollywood films in 2018. Ranveer Singh deserves all the credit that can be given for the success of this film. He is slowly but steadily building up a committed fan following. There is a good chance that the film will comfortably go past the two hundred crore mark. Once this happens it will be Ranveer Singh's fourth film that would have crossed more than a hundred crores after Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, and Padmavati.

Top bracket star

Ranveer Singh is now being talked of among the top bracket of Bollywood stars. There doesn't appear to be any rival to him on the horizon except maybe Tiger Shroff who made threatening noises with his "Baaghi 2".

However, "Simmba" has turned out to be a bigger hit and in the bargain has proved that Ranveer Singh who roars like a lion in the film, is an actor who can perform any role. He plays the role of a corrupt police cop who has a change of heart when a girl who he knows is brutally raped. The film has caught the imagination of the Indian masses and even the Indian diaspora abroad has liked the film.

The success of "Simmba" can be compared with the Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's "2.0" which brought in only rupees 63.25 in the first three days. Ranveer's "Simmba" has gone well past that figure. Keeping in mind Simmba's budget is only a fraction of the cost to make "2.0" one can see that the return on investment is many times more.

Challenger to the Khans

The success of "Simmba" close on the heels of the success of "Padmavati" and "Mastani" has brought Ranveer Singh forward as a serious challenger to the primacy of the three Khans. Out of the three Khans at the moment only Salman Khan is holding his own and the other two Khans, Shahrukh whose "zero" failed and Aamir may possibly be in eclipse mode. Ranveer Singh could replace one of the Khans as the top star of Bollywood. Credit for the success of the film will also go to director Rohit Shetty, however, it is a pity that Sara Ali Khan the female lead has not got much to do as the film is an out and out Ranveer show.