The women’s division is slowly taking over WWE and this should serve notice to the rest of the guys in the locker room. The notion of putting a women’s match as a filler to the entirety of a wrestling show is already dead and gone. Today, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are spearheading the growth of the women’s division, but there could only be one Goddess of WWE.

The arrival of Alexa Bliss

Standing five feet tall, Alexa Bliss has defied all odds. It has been said before in the media that the only way she will have a long-lasting career is if she will become a “Yes Man” to the authorities.

Alexa’s career path wasn’t easy like the other superstars, she's had to crawl her way to the top, literally. She was also suffering from an eating disorder condition which made it very hard for her to cope during her early years. But that doesn’t stop or hinder her from reaching her goal. Instead, according to her, she trained “like hell”.

Concussion protocol

Alexa is out for about six weeks right now due to concussion protocol from WWE. Some fans were irate about the decision, but it was the right thing to do for the company. Alexa Bliss is a walking treasure who has the ability to fill up seats in the arena. She doesn’t have the wrestling skills like Charlotte, the ferocity of Becky Lynch and the imposing presence of Ronda Rousey, however, ¨The Wicked Witch¨ of WWE is truly one of a kind.

Ronda vs Nia vs Alexa

There are plenty of angles and storylines that can be created once Alexa Bliss finally returns. First, since WWE is already building up a feud between current Raw Women´s Champion Ronda Rousey and Nia Jaxx, it's easier for the WWE creative team to plug her in. Bliss has unfinished business between the two and it´s just a matter of time before she strikes.

The main concern on the current storyline is the WWE Universe. During a house show late last week, Ronda got booed out of the building. This is unheard of since she is the Babyface of the division.

Backstage heat

Multiple wrestling gurus also noticed that there's a divide when it comes to the approval ratings of the fans towards Ronda.

While Alexa Bliss is carrying out the acting ¨General Manager¨ job, she gains more attention than the rest of the Women´s Division. Also, as mentioned by some of the guys in the locker room, Alexa has a real life heat against Sasha Banks and Nia Jaxx. Both women believe that Alexa is using her charm to get the highest spot in the division, but the WWE Universe doesn´t believe those rumours.