As a best-selling horror author, Stephen King obviously knows the genre well and if he recommends a television series or Film, you can be pretty certain it’s going to be good.

This was the case recently when King headed to Twitter to recommend the zombie horror movie, “The Night Eats the World,” giving it a rave review as only he can. The film is set in Paris where a man wakes up after a wild party to discover a horde of zombies has invaded the streets. If you think the topic has been a little overdone, what with “The Walking Dead” universe and all, apparently this film is really worth the watch on Amazon Prime.

‘The Night Eats the World’ reviewed by Stephen King

Stephen King had obviously only recently found the movie when he sent out his Twitter review on November 13, despite the fact it has been available for several months.

King actually sent out two tweets. One saying that while you might think the zombie genre has now been “squeezed dry,” suddenly there is a perfectly “amazing” film called “The Night Eats the World,” directed by Dominique Rocher. King added that the film will “blow your mind.”

A funny note that King followers will know well is that the author had recently told his followers never to use the word “amazing” when writing.

He suddenly realised that he had done just that in his tweet. King immediately sent a further tweet, saying he had used the word in relation to “The Night Eats the World,” adding “My bad” and telling people to go ahead and troll him as he deserves it.

Synopsis of the zombie film

The basic premise of the zombie horror film is that a man called Sam wakes up in a Paris apartment after a wild party the night before.

He discovers that an army of zombies has taken over the streets below and that he is the lone survivor. Absolutely terrified, he then barricades himself inside the apartment building and wonders how long he will be able to survive. The answer comes to him when he realises he is not alone after all.

The film based on a novel by Pit Agarmen was awarded a 79 per cent rating from 28 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website.

Variety’s reviewer said they should have just stuck with the book, but as noted by horror movie news website Bloody Disgusting, Dax Ebaben reviewed the film calling it a “well-crafted nightmare” saying it holds its own among some of the best of the recent zombie movies.

Meanwhile, King sent out a further tweet to say the film is available on several streaming platforms, including iTunes and Amazon. Check out the trailer below.