It was December 2016 when legions of fans saw the last episode of probably the most controversial anime series ever created. When Mitsurou Kubo initially raised the idea of having a same-sex relationship in the anime series, it wasn’t widely accepted by the public, especially the media. However, right now, it is safe to say that "Yuri!!! On ICE" is among the biggest hits in anime history. Their movie "Ice Adolescence" has already gained a lot of interest considering that they’ve only released a 41-second trailer.

During the “Yuri!!! On Concert” event, fans were surprised when out of nowhere, they showed the first clip of the movie.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as this month also celebrates the recognition of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community. For those who aren’t familiar "Yuri!!! In ICE" series isn’t all about figure skating, but it also provides viewers with some insight what LGBTQ stands for.

No specific release date

There is no specific release date of the movie yet. However, according to numerous reports and from the recent concert, fans will be able to see the movie early next year. With that said, season 2 of "YOI" is also just around the corner. The season finale that happened in 2016 did provide some clarity on another storyline, but on that same note, there are still some lingering questions that are needed to be addressed in season 2.

Victor Nikiforov's past

The movie plot isn’t being fully disclosed as of this moment, although some of their followers have an idea already. The short video clip about the movie is focused on Victor Nikiforov. The living legend with a rock star charisma is said to have a dark and dejected past. The soundtrack that was also used in that trailer is dismal to a point of being eerie.

There’s seems to be an air of melancholy surrounding the free-spirited renowned figure skater. The title of the movie is also another hint that the majority of the storyline will revolve around Victor’s past. This is actually a great way to show "Yuri!!! On ICE" fans Victor's struggle and why he is so blunt and carefree when dealing with some serious matters.

Main staff revealed

The main staff of the movie was also announced and several artworks from Mitsurou Kubo was also showcased. Sayo Yamamoto is the director of "Ice Adolescence" while Tadashi Hiramatsu leads the character design. The music used in the movie was performed by Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba. The music was produced by none other that Keisuke Tominaga. Lastly, Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association or MAPPA is the lead in the animation production.