English actor Hugh Grant, 57, married Anna Eberstein, 39, in May in what was reportedly a very low-profile ceremony in London. The “A Very English Scandal” star has now opened up about a disastrous experience while they were enjoying a honeymoon in Paris.

While the City of Light is probably the most romantic destination for any newly-wedded pair, Grant never expected his wife to be kidnapped by a local taxi driver after he had problems paying the fare. Grant is well-known for his funny and bumbling roles in the films “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill.”

Hugh Grant appears on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

As reported by the Telegraph, Grant was interviewed by Seth Meyers, where he joked about being too “old and ugly” for his recent romantic comedies and admitted to being a little camera shy.

He said he tends to end up with a very “bouncy walk,” which the director comments on, but Hugh says he can’t stop it.

Grant also spoke about actor Anthony Hopkins, who is a great actor but is also a little camera shy. He said he has seen Hopkins walk up to the camera and stroke it, and joke that they may have had lunch together


Paris taxi driver kidnaps Hugh Grant’s wife

The best story Hugh told was about his recent honeymoon with Eberstein in Paris. While travelling around the city, Grant had a problem with a taxi driver, whose card machine did not work.

It turned out Hugh had no cash on him at the time, so he suggested the driver take him to the nearest ATM to draw some money. The only problem was, the ATM also didn’t work.

As noted by Digital Spy, the taxi fare was only around six euros (£5.30), but Grant panicked, telling his new wife to “Get out of the car” repeatedly, but she stayed seated.

As Grant tried to get his wife so they could get away, the taxi driver yelled at and him, asking what they were doing. Hugh told the taxi driver his machine didn’t work and the ATM didn’t work, so they would not be paying the six euro (£5.30) fare. Grant said it was at that point that the taxi driver upped and drove off with his new wife.

Incident was a ‘real downer’ on their honeymoon

Hugh admitted his wife was fine after the incident but said it was a “real downer” on their Paris romantic honeymoon. It sounds like he won’t be allowed to forget about the incident, as Anna is still “resentful” over the whole thing. She apparently keeps asking why he didn’t run after the taxi. Grant told Meyers that the vehicle was travelling at around 50 miles an hour, so what was the point of running after it? He admitted that he “sauntered off” which probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

At least the story will be a great one to tell the grandkids one day should they have any!